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Dawn of Diva…

How Diva’s Harvest Was Born


Diva’s Harvest began as a means to preserve the harvest from the garden. After growing a bumper crop of tomatoes the Diva realized she couldn’t make enough sauce and salsa and still have room in her party for everything else! However, sliced, spiced and dehydrated her leftover tomatoes became a delicious snack that could be eaten anywhere just like potato chips. Only better! After some experimentation with technique and spice the Tremendous Tomato was born. Tomatoes garlic and sea salt make crunchy perfection easy to enjoy.

Fruit on the Fly came about after dehydrating several different fruits and finding a slight bitterness developed during the process; searching for better flavor led to home freeze-drying. Fruit that is freeze-dried is first frozen then slowly and slightly warmed to release water vapor. The vapor is then vacuum pumped away and the food becomes freeze-dried. This process leaves the fruit with the same intense flavor as fresh. Much like dehydrated fruit the texture is light and crunchy but freeze-dried really packs the flavor of fresh fruit. Simply amazing alone or added to yogurt, oatmeal, granola or ice cream.

Freeze-drying complete meals became the next challenge; the Diva noticed that most commercially prepared pack foods are loaded with preservatives, sugars and sodium, MSG and artificial flavors and colors. Freeze-drying food negates the need for ANY artificial additives or preservation. Freeze-dried food requires no refrigeration or special storage. Once a meal is packed and sealed it will remain viable for 25 years.

So why add anything artificial?

Diva's Harvest uses only whole, untouched, organic ingredients crafted with the goal of outstanding taste and nutrition. Our mission is to provide everyone with delicious whole food no matter where in the world they may be. All of our snacks and meals are made from scratch with great care and attention to quality. By allowing organic ingredients to mingle on their own in a natural environment Diva’s Harvest cultivates beautiful unions of culinary delight.



Because DIVA”S HARVEST is currently a Colorado Cottage Foods Company our products cannot be sold outside of the state of Colorado. If you plan to visit the state we will gladly ship to your vacation rental, hotel, B&B, etc. Please order 14 days prior to your arrival date.